Golf Value Tips - Service Review

Golf Value Tips - INTRODUCTION

Golf Value Tips is part of the Bets For Today stable of services. 

The tips are all each-way bets and target value bets on the outright winner markets in golf tournaments.  Mike Hamilton is the brains behind the service, and he’s been betting profitably on golf since 2017. 

Each week Mike calculates his odds for golf tournaments and looks for any extra value bookies offer.

Golf Value Tips - DETAILS

Golf Value Tips is a recent addition to the Bets For Today tipster list and has been live since March 2023.

Trade Ninja have been made aware of the service and have been following since early May 2023.

When and how are the tips delivered?
By email and in the member’s area. Tips are sent out between 2 pm & 4 pm every Wednesday.
This has been our experience since starting our trial.

What size stakes are used?
Anywhere from 0.25 points each-way up to 2 points each-way.
We are yet to have a 2 points each way bet so far with our bets ranging from 0.25 points each way to 1.75 points each way

What are the average odds?
The average odds for this service are 71.65, which means you’re getting good value on your bets.
The average odds since our trial started have been 74.2, slightly higher than the average since the service went live

How many tips are there each month?
The service has averaged 17 bets per month, and you will receive them via email and be able to login into the site.
We are just under a month in and have had 51 bets , note that this includes the bets for the coming weekend tournaments so well above the average number stated.

Costs / Membership Plans

Current subscription plans for Golf Value Tips are listed below

£27 per month

£216 annually

Both have a £1 14 day trial and a 100% Money Back Guarantee should you decide to cancel within 30 days.


Well, what can we say.  Our experience so far has been amazing, things are very much early days but the start has been very promising indeed.

We are using £10 per point and showing a profit of over £680!!!

Since we started following for tournaments start 4th May we have been provided with bets each Wednesday for the following weekends tournaments.

This has covered 5 tournaments so far with the following results, pretty great results, I am sure you can appreciate and we were so close with 2 others who finished 1 place outside the paid places.


We will be following Golf Value Tips and updating the results here for the next 3 months before providing our Verdict but early signs have been very good and a service we are genuinely excited to see if the results can be maintained over a longer period.


The performance so far has been very high but outside of the results the service has been first class with the selections posted/emailed as advised and any emails are replied to quickly.

A promising start and will be back towards the end of June with the next update.

Early Review Rating
Highly Recommended
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