Sports Trading Tools & Strategies

Want a great value Sports Trading Service to help reduce research time and discuss strategies with other traders?

Join Trade Ninja from the beginning to get an amazing introductory offer and also have a real say on future development


Over 80 league and cup and 40+ team stats covered in our Team Statistics section. Extensive filter options to focus only on fixtures matching your criteria.

Horse Racing

Our Horse Racing database covers essential Back 2 Lay statistics along with our own Pace Rating and Pace Map and Betfair odds for every race, every day.


A place where we can all come together in a friendly environment to discuss, help and improve our trading performance.



Most frequent questions and answers

We want to get as much feedback as possible on the current tools and we have another in development and want to make the site available for as many people as possible.

The feedback will be used to produce a further development plan to improve the tools and also introduce other trading tools.

We will be switching to a paid subscription service at some point but will be offering all FREE members an outstanding offer (will not be available for anyone who is not a current FREE member) when we do switch

We strongly believe so.  Our friendly members only community welcomes all levels of traders.
No question is a silly question and we all work together to help us all improve our trading profitabilty

Our service currently includes;

  • Football Team Stats from over 80 leagues across the world
  • Horse Racing Back 2 Lay stats
  • Trading Strategies
  • Members Community
  • Profit Tracker

We are currently working on additional areas and will improve our service via feedback from our members. 

If you want it and we can do it we will aim to provide it!

Trade Ninja currently covers football (over 80 of the most popular leagues across the world) and Horse racing (UK & Ire).

We do have plan to introduce other sports and feedback from members will determine how the service moves forward.

Trade Ninja, although great value, will not be suitable for everyone.

If you are looking for a get rich quick service, do not want to learn and put some effort in, just want tips, have no patience and lack discipline, then please look elsewhere.

If you are willing to learn, have the discipline and patience to succeed, want access to stats and strategies to use and develop your own angles and discuss with other traders then Trade Ninja is 100% for you.

Not a lot 😀  Just the following;

  • Betfair Account
  • Time
  • Patience
  • Trading Bank

You can start with as little or as much as you prefer. 

We advise anyone new to trading to either paper trade or use very small stakes and only increase stakes when your bank and skills grow.

As much as we would like to say yes, unfortunately no profit can be guaranteed. 

We have the stats and numbers on our side but no-one can guarantee what will happen on future events.

Yes, our service covers year round sporting action across Football & Horse Racing. 

We do not stop 😀

We are available to help and answer any question you have via our member only community or via our support email where we aim to get back to all emails within 24 hours.



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