Football & Horse VIP - Reviewed

Intro to Football & Horse VIP

Football & Horse VIP are, as the name suggests a betting / trading service covering football & horse racing.

The service provides daily selections to their members via their Facebook Group and Telegram channel (no website currently) covering the following:

  • Horse Racing Straight Lays
  • Horse Racing Back 2 Lays
  • Football 1st Half Goals
  • Football Over 2.5 Goals

On top of this they also provide regular “inside information” on certain horses / stables along with other extras posted within the Telegram chat.

Service Costs

Football & Horse VIP keep subscriptions very simple:

  • £10 per month
  • £20 for 3 months

This provides access to selections via their Facebook group and also access to the extras within the Telegram Group

Review Results

We started trialling the tips on 15th December. Football & Horse VIP agreed to allow the posting of selections each morning to our Premium members and the results below take us up to the end of the agreed period 28th February 2022

NOTE: The extra information within the Telegram group is not included within the review so cannot comment on how profitable this information has been.

With posting the selections each morning there was nowhere to hide for the service so how have we been getting on?

The selections are posted nice and early each morning with nice and clear advice on the selection type and entry points.

There are many different ways of trading the selections so the results for the selections will be broken down as follows:

  • Horse Racing LAYS – lay each selection to 1 point liability
  • Horse Racing Back 2 Lays – lay each selection to DOB (50% of BSP)
  • Football 1st Half Goals – this will be recorded as a strike rate of winning selections against total selections
  • Football O2.5 Goals – as above will be recorded as a strike rate


1st Half Goals = 102

Winning Selections = 73

Strike Rate = 72%

Over 2.5 Goals = 98

Winning Selections = 61

Strike Rate = 62%


Straight Lays = 53

Winning Lays = 39

Strike Rate = 74%

Profit = -1.43 points (laying to 1 point liability)

Back 2 Lays = 95

Winning Selections = 47

Strike Rate = 50%

Profit = -1 point (when targetting DOB 50% of BSP)


The service is open and honest service with the results pretty much breaking even on the horses.

One thing to note with the Back 2 Lays is that should you have targetted a TOB or QOB approach you would have seen much better results:

TOB = +14 points across the trial
QOB = +19 points across the trial

Whenever I have contacted the service provider they have been quick and helpful with their replies.

If anyone would like to join the service please email our Support or send me a DM within our Community.

The full selections and results are available to view within our Community thread here  so please take a read through and should you have any questions please let us know.

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