DAILY Front Runners - COMING SOON!!

What Is The Daily FRONT Runners?

The Daily Front Runners is a list that we will be posting to our Blog daily which will list a selection of runners for the day that have a good history of racing at the head of the pack and could be potential Back 2 Lay trades

If you are unfamiliar with Back 2 Lay then a DOB (Double or Bust) example essentially means that the horse would need to trade to at least 50% of the BSP (Betfair Starting Price) in running to double your money if executing a Back 2 Lay DOB trade.

A horse front running will commonly see the odds reduce in play and this is where we look to take advantage of this decrease.

Please see our Back 2 Lay STRATEGY guide here for more details.

What Should I Do With The List?

The list can be used as a potential starting point to look at each runner / race in more detail to determine if a Back 2 Lay trade should be executed. 

We at Trade Ninja never advise trading the list blindly (including the Main Lists available for members posted within the community daily) and to always carry out some additional research for yourself so you are happy and comfortable with the selection to then trade.

There are many areas the research could cover including, but not limited to:

  • Going – does the selection race better on a particular going?
  • Distance – does the selection perform better at certain distance?
  • Course – does the selection perform better at a particular racecourse?
  • and more…

Can Trade Ninja Help?

We at Trade Ninja have our Back 2 Lay tool available to members to assist you with this research and you can watch the video guide for the current version of the Back 2 Lay tool here.

We are currently working on improving the tool to help even further with the research required.

Details of how to join Trade Ninja and have access to this and all our other tools can be found here

If you have any questions then please do get in touch here

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